Holistic Patient Wellness Group

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Holistic Wellness Patient Group is a state licensed AZDHS non-profit dispensary operating under proposition 203 in Clifton, Arizona.We are located across the road from circle k in a small white building. Additionally, our staff is professional, friendly, and able to advise our patients on the wide-range of medical cannabis products we provide. Holistic Patient Wellness Group is focused on providing a comfortable, professional, patient-centric operation. In addition to providing the highest quality medical marijuana, we will be providing FREE Services to our patients in the form of: Holistic Care, and Patient Counseling. The mantra that Holistic Wellness Patient Group follows is “Patients First,” a position that we promise to always uphold. Holistic Patient Wellness Group wants to make it clear to it’s patients, community and government that cannabis is a an invaluable medicine essential to many needing patients, state and country wide. our objectives are to alleviate suffering individuals by providing medical marijuana as recommended by their licensed physician, Protect the safety, tranquility, and cleanliness of our immediate neighborhood by maintaining standard sanitary and operating procedures, Honor the trust provided by our fellow citizens by conforming and enforcing all applicable laws of the progressive and Great State of Arizona, and promote the unity and balance of the mind-body-soul in the healing process.

211 Chase Creek Rd.
Clifton, AZ 85533